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Cobrette Bardole Performance


After first hearing the new and creative techniques of percussive guitar, Cobrette Bardole knew immediately that he had found his musical home. Artists like Andy Mckee and Antoine Dufour quickly influenced Cobrette's freshman instrumental release, titled the "Everything, In Time - EP". His tracks "City of Lights" and "Discovery" instantly became fan favorites and lit the path to many performances across the United States.

Cobrette Bardole has begun work on a brand new album titled "Origin". He again paired with an artist from his hometown, Jake Kirk, to work on the album's artwork and design. The album is currently in the studio and is planned for release within the next year.

Other Projects

Nothing To Die


"The songs are surprisingly engaging considering that there's only one acoustic guitar playing. This is just a testament to what a great songwriter Bardole proves himself to be with this record. In short, if you're looking for some glorious spiraling acoustic mastery the Everything, In Time is the record for you!"

- Matt Baggins, Two Guys Metal Reviews

"This six-track instrumental introduction to the music of Cobrette Bardole denotes a player with heart and soul, and plenty to say – though happy to let his guitar do the talking. Melodically complex and multifaceted, there’s plenty here to engage the ears, transport the listener to new moods and initiate a series of positive emotional responses."

- Leicester Bangs

"Cobrette Bardole speaks with notes, keys and melodies but never needs his voice to do the talking... Cobrette Bardole has a music composing gift that shouldn't go to waste. If you're looking to collaborate with a good musician, check out Cobrette Bardole."

- IndieMusicReviews.Net


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